Give me my Attribute mapping back for Sponsor Groups

In ISE 1.0 Cisco introduced an integrated Guest solution with a next-generation RADIUS-based policy server.  That policy server was game-changing, certainly.  Other companies responded to this market changing model by making some very strategic moves with their chess pieces to be similarly positioned. Figure 1 shows an example of the ISE 1.2.x (and below) Sponsor … Continue reading Give me my Attribute mapping back for Sponsor Groups

Standards for Secure-Network-Access

I'm amused at how often I hear negative comments about proprietary enhancements from Cisco.  I am one of many (many, many, many) employees of Cisco who is actively involved in standards body organizations, including the IETF.  Many of today's networking standards have started out as proprietary solutions that are available years prior to the standard being complete. … Continue reading Standards for Secure-Network-Access

Simply Put: How Does Certificate-Based Authentication Work?

I find a few universal truths when mentioning certificates to people. Most people I speak with consider them to be a very secure concept almost without fail. However upon mentioning that I want to talk about certificates: that person's face turns a slightly lighter shade, their eyes get a bit wider, and they have this … Continue reading Simply Put: How Does Certificate-Based Authentication Work?

Realm Stripping

I am often asked about support for “Realm Stripping”, albeit mostly by those in the University Space.  It’s an interesting concept, certainly.  The idea is that someone will issue an identity that includes some “routing” information within the identity.  For example, a user may issue a username of:  From that username, the RADIUS server … Continue reading Realm Stripping