Posture w/ ISE & Mobile – the stuff no one talks about

I recently presented a CCIE Security webinar on this topic because it's a topic that is poorly documented and even not very well understood. Naturally, that is something I want to change, and the exact type of thing that this blog is exists for! This blog post will dive into how ISE works with mobile … Continue reading Posture w/ ISE & Mobile – the stuff no one talks about

Dynamic Split Tunneling – a COVID-19 Best Practice

DST to exclude WebEx from Tunnel

I'm posting this blog with intentions of helping you with some best practices around your Cisco AnyConnect Remote-Access VPN (aka: RA-VPN) configuration. With these best practices, I will try to include the different thought-patterns around "why" a company might choose to deploy 1 way or another, but my recommendations will still stand as MY best practice, which also matches what the AnyConnect business unit at Cisco recommends, as well.